Have you tried and failed to lose weight on fad diets that leave you tired, irritable and HUNGRY?

Are you ready to loose up to 30 pounds in 30 days without the hassel of a contract or the risk of undergoing questionable detoxification programs? If so........

.... then JOIN US at Alternatives Medical Weight Loss Clinic!

Come experience the difference Tulsa physicians can make in your health and your over all outlook on life!

Feel good about yourself and reclaim your confidence in the comfort and security of a Tulsa based medical clinic whose staff cares about your
total health and well being.

Alternatives! Medical Weight Loss is Tulsa’s premier nutritional guidance and medical weight loss center. Our clinic is staffed by fully licensed, board certified physicians who have struggled with weight issues and understand your frustrations. We offer a variety of highly effective nutritional modification and weight loss programs designed to maximize your health and well being. These programs are specifically tailored to you and your body. Only at Alternatives Weight Loss will you receive encouragement and compassionate care by physicians who are enthusiastic about the health of their patients and truely understand your weight problems.

Many of our patients have questions about the programs that we offer for weight loss. In order to better inform our patients of what to expect from the diet programs we have put together a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. For more information please visit our FAQ at the following link.

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