Hunger and food cravings can occur with any dietary change or weight loss program.

We realize that dieting is not easy. Our clinic offers a variety of treatment alternatives, including acupuncture, to combat hunger and assist with your weight loss needs. Our physicians do not prescribe traditional ‘diet pills’.

Acupuncture is based on balance and harmony.

The traditional Chinese view is thatthe human body is made up of complex streams of moving energy. This energy flows in channels called meridians. The energy in these meridians can become unbalanced and cause pain and dysfunction in the body. Along the acupuncture meridians are located certain points called acupuncture points. At these locations, the body’s energy can be harnessed and used to promote energetic harmony and balance. The result of this balance is an enhanced sense of health and well being, resolution of pain and help with chronic medical conditions. Acupuncture points are traditionally accessed by inserting specialized needles. Our physicians are dedicated to your safety and use only sterile needles which are used only once.

Medical acupuncture can be used to help digestive, respiratory, neurological, muscular, urinary, reproductive and menstrual disorders. In addition, medical acupuncture can be highly effective at treating pain, tension, and emotional stress. It can also assist with weight loss and smoking cessation. Our physicians perform many different forms of acupuncture including needle and non-needle forms. Please visit our acupuncture site for more information.

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