Good nutrition and exercise are the keys to keeping your weight off.

Obesity is frequently caused by not understanding the correct dietary choices to make. Educating yourself about the correct food choices is one of the golden rules of any diet plan. Successful dieting starts with changes in eating habits and ends with lifestyle changes which include exercise on a daily basis.

Diet Modification

Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman outlines a very simple, yet powerful diet solution to help many health conditions. Dr. Fuhrman has diet plans for diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, headaches and many pain conditions. These diet plans are simple and easy to implement. Results are often noticed in less than six weeks and many of our patients have benefited from this simple approach to achieving greater health.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medication can be used as an alternative to pharmaceuticals or it can be combined with pharmaceutical therapy. Herbal supplements, such as Traumeel, help augment the effect and results of acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation. If you choose to use herbal medications you should be sure to use only high quality supplements from reputable manufacturers. Before starting any herbal medication, you should check with your primary care physician to ensure the safety of these products with your current prescription medications. Please visit our osteopathic medical website for more info.

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