Medical Weight Loss Programs and Payment Options

General Information

Most Medical Weight Loss Programs are not covered by insurance companies. We accept cash and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) for fees relating to our weight loss programs. We also have payment plans which allow our patients to spread out their payments during Phase One of the dieting plan.

Pricing for Medical Weight Loss Programs, Including the hCG Plan

Prices for Alternatives! Medical Weight Loss Programs vary depending on the program and payment option that you choose.


  • Physical Examination
  • All new and return patients who are wishing to participate in Alternatives! Medical hCG Weight Loss Program are required to undergo a thorough medical evaluation with our physicians to verify their current health status and to address any medical issues which are identified by our physicians.

  • Laboratory Evaluation
  • Laboratory studies are required for patient safety.

    All patients are required to provide the required laboratory tests or to have the required laboratory tests drawn in order to be considered for participation in the hCG Weight Loss Program. These tests will be reviewed by your physician and may indicate that identified medical issues must be addressed prior to participation in Alternatives! Medical hCG Weight Loss Program.

    In most cases, the expense of these test are the responsibility of the patient and are approximately $100 (Please see ‘Initial Laboratory Studies’ below). These labs are typically not covered by health insurance because they are being drawn for participation in a diet program.

Alternatives ! hCG Medical Weight Loss Program includes the following:

  • Physical Examinations
    • Phase One:
      • Weekly examinations are included during Phase One.
      Phase Two:
      • One examination is included during Phase Two.
    • Phase Three:
      • If needed, one examination is included during Phase Three.
    • NOTE:
      • Additional examinations during the dieting phases or examinations for medical issues which occur during the dieting phases are not included in the program costs.

  • hCG Medication
    • Distributed at your weekly visits, if medically indicated.

  • Initial Laboratory Studies
    • Laboratory costs are the responsibility of the patient. However, the cost of these labs may be included in some of our promotional programs. Patient’s who have had the required labs drawn within the past 6 months may bring these results in for evaluation. Our physicians it will determine if you need any additional or repeat laboratory tests performed. The cost of additional or repeat tests will be the responsibility of the patient in most cases.
    • Please note, post-diet laboratory tests are NOT included in the Alternatives! Medical hCG Weight Loss Program cost and are required in almost all cases. These labs will typically cost you about $100.

  • Bonus Items
    • These vary during the year. Our staff will inform you of any bonus items when you start the hCG Weight Loss Program.

Additional ‘Rounds’ of the hCG Weight Loss Program for Continued Weight Loss

Patient’s with more than 30 pounds to loose will require more than one round of the hCG diet. Additional ‘Rounds’ are offered at a substantial cost reduction to our patients.

Payment Options for Medical Weight Loss Programs, Including the hCG Plan

Alternatives! Medical Weight Loss offers a variety of payment options and programs for our hCG weight loss patients.

These programs include the following:
  • Cash or Credit Card Customers
  • Patients may pay in full or choose to make payments during Phase one of the hCG diet. Patients may also decrease the cost of their weight loss program by participating in Alternatives Weight Loss Bonus Programs.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts Debits for Medical Weight Loss.
  • Patients with a BMI that indicates obesity, or who have written documentation from their primary care provider indicating that they need weight loss to address their health issues, are able to use their flexible healthcare spending account dollars for medical weight loss programs. Patients using Flexible Spending Accounts do not qualify for post treatment or weight loss incentive discounts.

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