Did you realize your obesity may be the cause of your foot and back pain?

Increased body weight and mass can cause poor posture and weakening of muscles leading to chronic painful conditions. The pain associated with obesity is usually improved with weight loss. However, this is a slow process. Our clinic offers a variety of methods for controlling and treating pain. These include osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, and medications. The skillful combination of these treatments can prove highly effective in pain management.

Osteopathic Manipulation for painful conditions.

Osteopathic Manipulation is a gentle, hands on way of correcting the structure of the body. Osteopathic manipulation involves manually moving the joints, muscles and ligaments through their range of motion, in an effort to decrease pain and muscle tension and increase pain-free range of motion. By keeping all of the bones and tissues of the body loose and in optimal alignment, the body is able to function and heal at its best. By optimizing the structure and function of the body, the natural healing processes of the body are stimulated allowing the body to heal itself, often without the need for or use of medications. Our physicians are board certified in Neuromuscular Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and use a wide variety of techniques to improve your health and decrease your pain. Please visit our osteopathic medical website for more information.

Medical care for painful conditions

Pain associated with obesity is typically improved with weight loss. Significant weight loss may be needed before a change is felt in your pain levels. Physicians, board certified in Family Practice, are also onsite to address your pain and nutritional needs. Please visit our osteopathic medical website for more information.

Acupuncture for painful conditions.

Acupuncture has been used by the chinese to control painful conditions for centuries. There are many different forms of acupuncture which may be used to address your pain instead of using pills. Our physicians are trained in medical acupuncture through the UCLA, School of Medicine and can provide you with the most up to date treatment options. Please visit our acupuncture website for more information.

Pain medication alternatives.

In addition to our services we carry the following products to help with the aches and pains that you may experience during your weight loss and exercise routines.

  • Traumeel
  • Biofreeze

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